1. For some reason, we overlooked the fact that someone put up Lisa’s show at the iTunes Festival on Youtube! So for all of those who were unable to see it before, here it is now, enjoy :)

  2. From Lisa’s facebook page:

    Come and play Knots with me!

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    'Ag fiafraí díom, ‘Cén fáth?
    Cén fáth ar chuaigh sí thart i ngan fhios dom?’
    Nó an dall atáim de bharr an …

    Uisce ag teacht …’


    'Asking myself, ‘Why?
    Why did it go by without me noticing it?
    Or am I blind because of the …

    Water flowing towards me …’

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Lisa Hannigan live for WERK in Dublin — July 18 2014
You can see more here.


    Lisa Hannigan live for WERK in Dublin — July 18 2014

    You can see more here.

  5. I’m gonna play a slightly depressing song now, I’m sorry.
    — Lisa Hannigan about to play Paper House at the iTunes Festival.
  6. Photos of Lisa playing at the Roundhouse for the iTunes Festival, taken from the iTunesUS facebook page.

  7. I would like to dedicate the next song to John, because he’s very jetlagged at the moment. I’ve known John for a long time, we’ve been friends a long time, and we’ve done a lot of touring together, and eh… jetlagged John is an absolute danger to himself and society at large. So this song is for him. Just some tips for you, John, okay? Just some handy tips for life.
    — Lisa Hannigan at the iTunes Festival, dedicating the song ‘Safe Travels (Don’t Die)’ to John Smith.
  8. Hello to everyone here at Roundhouse. And at the risk of freaking myself out, hello to everyone else as well.
    — Lisa Hannigan at the iTunes Festival.
  9. Anonymous said: Hi, I was wondering if you knew the setlist Lisa at the Itunes festival. What a great performance that was! Like your blog!

    Hello :) It was indeed a wonderful performance!

    Here is the setlist of Lisa’s songs:

    1. Little Bird
    2. Passenger
    3. Paper House
    4. O Sleep
    5. Flowers
    6. A Sail
    7. Safe Travels (Don’t Die)
    8. We the Drowned
    9. Knots
    10. Lille
  10. Lisa playing at the Roundhouse in London for the iTunes Festival. Photos taken by Caitlin Mogridge.